Orange County Laser Gum Contouring
Newport Beach, California

Laser Gum Contouring can help with the lack of symmetry which can be an issue giving the appearance of having smaller teeth. For some patients this can produce an appearance of what seems to be short stubby teeth

The application of laser gum reshaping and re-contouring can create smiles that produce a better "fit" for a patient's physical features and produce a smile that is fuller, brighter and more esthetically balanced

An asymmetrical or "gummy" smile-line can be easily corrected with gum contouring through the use of a laser. The laser simply vaporizes and seals the extra gum tissue with no cutting, bleeding or sutures. There is also less chance of infection through laser gum contouring as the laser kills bacteria while sealing the gums. The results are healthy, natural looking gums and a brand new smile.

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